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Section 23 Classrooms

Given the complex needs of our client population, many individuals may not initially meet the expectations of a traditional school environment upon admission. To address this challenge, we operate two Section 23 school programs. Typically, clients, regardless of their functioning level, begin their educational journey in our section classroom. This approach allows us to conduct thorough assessments of their abilities and performance over an extended period.


Our Section 23 school programs are a collaborative effort overseen by the Board of Education, providing tailored educational services. A teacher specializing in Special Services is assigned to develop individualized programs based on the client's needs. To ensure comprehensive support, we consult with previous school officials, the client's worker, and the client themselves. Additionally, we gather necessary reports from their previous academic environment to inform the development of their educational plan.


Within the classroom, support workers are present to assist with instruction, with a focus on addressing the emotional and behavioral needs of students. Recognizing the academic challenges some students face, our program is designed to provide tailored support. This may include independent or modified instruction, short-term lessons, individual tutoring, and dedicated time for therapeutic activities such as counseling, goal planning, play or art therapy, and recreational outlets to foster personal growth.


Our overarching goal is to facilitate the gradual transition of students back to the highest level of independent care possible. We often initiate part-time integration into regular school settings as students gain confidence, with the ultimate aim of full-time enrollment. While maintaining a separation between school and home issues is preferred, occasional disciplinary actions may necessitate involvement within the house program. Nonetheless, we prioritize academic development within the home setting through activities like daily quiet reading time.

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